Mount Sanford

Aging In Place

Department of Health and Human Services Administration On Aging
Alaska Native Aging in Place Project
Award # 90AP2651
Term: 9/30/2009 to 9/30/2012
Program Director: Stephanie Moe

Mount Sanford Tribal Consortium has been awarded the Aging in Place Grant for the Elders of Chistochina and Mentasta. This award is a continuation of the Elder Care Grant. The Aging in Place purpose is to attend to all elder needs through in-home geriatric care, case management, and activities.

Program Goal:

The goal of the Alaska Native Aging in Place Project is to develop a cost effective, village based model that enables Elders to remain in their homes during the remaining years of life.

Program Objective:

Document the development of the program to serve as a model for other rural villages of Alaska.

Expected Outcome:

The expected outcome is that the documentation of the project will provide information, assistance, and a model for other Tribes in developing village-based programs.

With the program halfway over, there are many successes as well as challenges that have been documented. Documentation that consists of Newsletter Articles; Performance Reports; Photos; and is continuously updated with more items that can be viewed in the following links:


2012 Newsletters

2011 Newsletters

2010 Newsletters

2009 Newsletters

Performance Reports

Grantee Conference 2011


Resource Directory

Photo Gallery

Grantee Conference

Any Questions can be directed to the Program Director
Stephanie Moe
AOA Director of Elder Services
(907) 822-5399 x57


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