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Alaska Native Educational Program

Funded By: U.S. Department of Education – Alaska Native Educational Program
Making Our Own Masters: Developing Local Linguistic Skill
Grant # S356A060082-07
Program Director: Evelyn Beeter

Cultural Linguistics Grant: Making Our Own Masters

ClassroomThe purpose the program is to provide leadership, role models, develop local linguistic skills, and produce the first certified teacher among the Upper Ahtna.

The creation of the Ahtna Grammar Lesson Book is the first of its kind in the Ahtna language.  It has been our goal to create a grammar lesson book that will be efficient and effective in assisting with the learning and education of the Ahtna language.

Language Award

We continue to work with Yukon Native Language Center to attain a greater understanding of the Upper Ahtna Language in a syntax and grammatical sense.

Teaching Language

Our two language instructors are both doing a great job and are committed to the program’s success.  Their participation and longevity will contribute to the completion of this project and the sustainability of our language program.

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