Community Health Aides

Mount Sanford

Community Health Aides Training

MSTC goal is to provide competent health care providers to serve the communities of Chistochina and Mentasta Lake.  The State of Alaska, Department of Health & Social Services, Community Health Aide/Practitioner Training & Supervision Grant provides the funding that will meet or supplement travel and training to the CHAs for continuation of CHAP Session Training to the Practitioner Level, allow the CHAP Director required meeting for maintaining program compliance and updates, and financial support in retention of Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Instructor for on-site clinical supervision.


Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Instructor

MSTC’s Contracted Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Instructor ensures that the clinic functions are maintained in compliance with the Community Health Aide/Practitioner Program with oversight from the Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC) Supervising Physician and the MSTC CHAP Director.  The Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Instructor provides on-site training and supervision of the Community Health Aide/Practitioner in both the Chistochina and Mentasta Lake Village clinics, and develops the required monthly, quarterly reports and an annual written evaluation of the Community Health Aide/Practitioner’s progress in clinical skills, management, and professional aptitude.


Working to ensure quality health care for our service population, Mt. Sanford’s goals and objectives outline specific tasks for the CHAP Director and Nurse Practitioner. CHAP Directors outcomes include attendance to scheduled CHAP Directors meetings to participate in collaborative maintenance and improvement to the CHAP program as well as disseminate information received at the meetings to MSTC employees, our clients and the health community at large.

The Nurse Practitioner’s outcomes are to participate in and provide ongoing training with the health staff while being both an advisor and advocate for the CHAPs, oversee that health operations meet or exceed standards and guidelines of care, and ensure compliance of all required training and reporting functions. Both the Nurse Practitioner and the CHAP Director are to work to achieve the objectives listed above and verify that MSTC provides quality health care service delivery.


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