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Funded By: Environmental Protection Agency-Indian Environmental General Assistance Program
Environmental Capacity Building in the Upper Copper River Region
Grant # GA-96009801-2
Project Director: Jim Sharpe

Mt. Sanford Tribal Consortium (MSTC) is a Tribal Consortium comprised of two federally recognized Tribes from the Copper River Basin of Alaska. We work with all tribes is this area, as well as Federal Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Not For Profit groups with the focus on providing Environmental Education. In the past, we have addressed water quality issues, solid waste, recycling, the impact of tourism on the environment, cultural sustainability, and many other important and relevant issues to our region of Alaska.

MSTC’s EPA/IGAP Program has been providing EPA Programs since 2001. We work with the Tribal Councils that we serve to determine goals, outcomes, and long-term solutions to environmental concerns.

Our EPA/IGAP Program has been instrumental in increasing community support for environmental progress. We have increased recycling significantly in many areas. Currently in Chistochina we recycle aluminum, plastics, glass, used motor oil, used anti-freeze, paper, electronic waste, batteries, household hazardous waste, and also help with disposal of appliances and other metals. Working together with another local non-profit ROAR (Recycling Our Areas Resources) we help to “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”! Also, we have worked with Total Reclaim (an Anchorage E-Waste facility) in greatly reducing the amount of electronic waste being deposited into our area landfill.

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Recycle Center and Solar Demonstration site Chistochina Community Greenhouse, an ANTHC Community Environmental Demonstration project
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Chistochina Community Greenhouse, an ANTHC Community Environmental Demonstration project

In the past, MSTC has been awarded specific grants to implement a “Car Crusher” program. The most recent program allowed for the removal of approximately 200 vehicles, over 1500 tires, hundreds of automotive batteries, and 4 large containers of miscellaneous metals from the Chistochina and Gakona Villages. These types of programs help our environment in many ways. Abandoned vehicles can leach toxic chemicals into ground water and streams. These toxins can then be transferred to the plants and animals, which are very important to maintaining a traditional and cultural subsistence lifestyle.

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Car Crusher Project "Crushed!"
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"Car Crusher Project"

Activities that the MSTC EPA/IGAP Program supports and participates in are numerous and varied. Some that we take part in are Community Cleanup Day, Earth Discovery Day, Cultural Camps and the Annual Youth Environmental Summit, (YES!) The Youth Environmental Summit is an annual gathering of youth and participating organizations throughout the Copper River Basin area. This Summit has brought hundreds of youth together to learn and experiment with many different environmental projects. We work together with local tribes, state, and federal agencies to provide youth the knowledge and information they need to become the future stewards of our environment.

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Earth Discovery Day Youth Environmental Summit
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YES! - Youth Environmental Summit Brad Gavitt teaching the kids ethical trapping at YES!
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YES! - Youth Environmental Summit YES! - Youth Environmental Summit
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Diamond Willow carving at YES! Youth Environmental Summit
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Keep it Clean!

The MSTC EPA/IGAP Program has become a very important resource for raising awareness and providing environmental education to the tribal members we serve. We strive to keep our people healthy, happy, and involved in all aspects of the important responsibility we share in preserving the environment. This is toward our goal of maintaining the healthy, sustainable, and cultural lifestyle that are tribal members maintain as a top priority for our communities.

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