Language Projects

Mount Sanford

Gramma Katie DrawingGramma Katie's Lessons

By Katie John
Recorded December 1998

Transcription by James Kari
Edited by James Kari and Cynthea L. Ainsworth

A production of:
Mt. Sanford Tribal Consortium
Native Language Program

Funded by a Grant from the
Administration for Native Americans

Lessons from Gramma Katie was recorded with linguist, James Kari, and folklorist, Cynthea Ainsworth. It is part of a series of booklets made possible by an ANA language grant awarded to Mt. Sanford Tribal Consortium.

After we had spent two days recording the Mentasta Language Lessons translation of the basic lessons designed by the Yukon Native Language Centre, Katie surprised us with this delightful booklet. The following pages offer some charming examples of conversational Ahtna.

Since Katie's sentences were more challenging for the student, Kari transcribed an interlinear" translation that offers more information on Ahtna grammar and syntaz. We all hope that this unexpected product will help students to better understand the written and spoken Ahtna language.

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