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Mount Sanford

MSTC History

Mt. Sanford Tribal Consortium began in 1993 under a $50,000.00 planning grant from the Indian Health Service. The time was fortunate as MSTC was formed in the midst of the Title V Demonstration project which allowed Tribes to contract for their own health services from the Federal

By 1994 the Constitution and By Laws had been formed. Article 1, section 2 read: The purpose of the Mt. Sanford (Kelt'aeni) Tribal Consortium shall be to encourage and support the exercises of tribal powers of self governance of each Member Tribe and Associate Tribe; to aid and support economic development in the region; to aid and support health services to the general population of the region; to promote the general health and welfare of the Member Tribes and their members; and to preserve, encourage and maintain the Spiritual, Traditional, and Cultural well being of the Member Tribes.

In a 3 day marathon session in November 1994, the Board of Directors of MSTC met in a planning retreat and developed a long range comprehensive plan.

By 1995 MSTC had assumed operations of the basic Health services for Member Tribes and were beginning to nurture programs in Languages, Environmental issues, Subsistence, Tribal Justice and Cultural Preservation.

Today the vast landscape that forms our part of the Region is filled with signs of successes and failures. Although we don't celebrate our successes as much as we should, we at the same time always acknowlege our failures as we knew when we started that there were no road signs, no training manuals and no prior model to work from. We will be judged on what we have left for the next generation and that my friends is all that we ever asked for.


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