Long Term Elder Care

Mount Sanford

Long Term Care for Elders Planning Project

Department of Health and Human Services-Indian Health Services-LTC Elder Initiative
Long Term Care for Elders Planning Project
Grant # H73IHS300103/02
Program Director: Pete Peschang

MSTC has conducted community planning in both villages to engage Tribal members directly in defining and addressing community problems.  During the planning process, both villages placed a high priority on addressing social and family issues.  Developing local, culturally appropriate social services ranked 1st among community priorities in Cheesh’na and 2nd in Mentasta Lake. 

There are 19 Elders over the age of 65 who reside in our two villages, and another estimated 15 Elders who have been displaced to other communities that can provide higher levels of care.

Program Goal:
To develop a culturally appropriate long term care plan for our Elders


MSTC’s grant project is for a two year period.  Our project is located at MSTC’s main offices in Chistochina, where Cheesh’na Tribe is also located, and administered directly within the Native villages of Cheesh’na and Mentasta Lake.  This project benefits our tribal communities by contributing to the long term sustainability of Chistochina and Mentasta. 



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