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Mentasta Lake is located 6 miles off the Tok-Slana Cutoff of the Glenn Highway on the west side of Mentasta Pass, 38 miles southwest of Tok Junction. It lies at approximately 62.931550° North Latitude and -143.792730° West Longitude.  (Sec. 07, T013N, R009E, Copper River Meridian.)  Mentasta Lake is located in the Chitina Recording District. The area encompasses 303.1 sq. miles of land and 2.0 sq. miles of water. 

Mentasta people

Mentasta Traditional Tribe is a federally recognized tribe and has a seven-member board.  The people are primarily Athabascan, and subsistence activities are important to the entire community. The Mentasta Lake area is reported to have been the best-known route of Native immigration across the Alaska Range.

MentastaEarly village settlements have been located at various sites around the lake. The families that presently reside in Mentasta Lake come from Nabesna, Suslota, Slana and other villages within the area.

Mentasta Lake is connected to the Tok Cutoff to the Glenn Highway by a 6-mile spur road. There is a small airstrip at Mentasta Lodge. Mentasta Lake is located in the continental climate zone, with long, cold winters, and relatively warm summers. Temperature extremes range from -57 to 93. Average snowfall is 69 inches, with a total of 16 inches of precipitation per year.


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