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MSTCMt. Sanford Tribal Consortium

Mount Sanford Tribal Consortium (Kelt’aeni) is a tribal consortium of two federally recognized Tribal Councils of Chistochina and Mentasta Lake, whose mission is:

 “With honor, dignity, and respect, empowering our people and enhancing our traditional values to ensure a healthier and more positive future for our children.”

The consortium was established on June 26, 1992 under a joint effort by Chistochina Village and Mentasta Village to advance and protect common interests of the descendants of the Upper Ahtna indigenous people. Both tribal governments operate 638 contracts with BIA.  Both villages are very tribal oriented, provide many services, and are involved with the schools. 

MSTC has developed educational programs about proper nutrition, effective sanitation habits, and Elder care to empower our people to make healthy lifestyle choices. These programs have improved partnerships  with local schools and opened doors to community involvement. 

Examples of programs include Community Health Care, Health Clinics, Childcare Development, Diabetes Programs, EPA/IGAP Programs, and Tribal Courts Programs. MSTC has a compact with the Federal Government for health services provided to Tribal members from Chistochina and Mentasta.




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