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Mt. Sanford Tribal Consortium (Kelt'aeni) is a tribal consortium of two federally recognized Tribal Councils of Chistochina and Mentasta Lake. The consortium was established on June 26, 1992 to advance and protect common interest of the descendants of the Upper Ahtna indigenous people. The consortium is an IHS contractor and currently administers 13 programs.

President Evelyn Beeter 822-5399 ext 26
Health Director George Drinkwater 822-5399 ext 24
Office Manager Dianne Hagerty 822-5399 ext 23
Health Care Providers
Dental Aide Danielle Boston 822-5552
Dental Assistant Darla Loomis 822-5554
Health Aide,
Mentasta Clinic
Nora David 291-2320
Health Aide, On-site Supervisor
Mentasta Clinic
Mariah Craig 291-2320
Health Aide, Chistochina Clinic Jody Hatch 822-3280
Program Managers and Staff
Human Resources Agnes Denny 822-5399 ext 33
Diabetes Coordinator Cecil Sanford 291-4005
Aging in Place Coordinator Stephanie Moe 822-5399 ext 57
Environmental Coordinator James Sharpe 822-5399 ext 35
Aging in Place Administrative Assistant Lavonne Sanford 822-5399 ext 22
Elder Service Aide Elaine Sam 259-4500
Elder Service Aide Mark Dummler 822-5399 ext 28
Elder Service Activities Coordinator Elaine Sinyon 822-5399 ext 29
Community Health Representatives
Community Health Rep/Special Projects Dave Springer 822-5399 ext 30
Community Health Rep/Special Projects Kelly Evans  


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