We live...

CabinOur Home

We live in the headwater region of the Copper River Basin where our Tribal ancestors have always existed. The story of our people is also a story about our ancestral lands.

Ancestral Lands

The Copper River and its tributaries are at the heart of our homeland. These rivers are spawning grounds for salmon and whitefish, staples of our people's diet. Dall sheep graze on mountain slopes, caribou migrate across the land, and moose browse the forested lowlands. Spruce and birch forests are home to berries, bark, wood, roots, and many plants essential to our traditional way of life.

SloughTribal identity has always been deeply connected with ancestral lands and waters. Our relationship with the land gives meaning to our lives and is the source of sustenance and values we teach our children.

Mount Sanford

Looking up at Mount Sanford, we are reminded of our traditional stories that tell us about the origin of the mountain, where we came from, and our place in the world.


SceneAlong Ancient Trails

Our permanent home is a clearly defined territory connected by trails recognized and respected by neighboring clans. To really know a place, we need to know that someone else has walked there before us. When we travel our ancient trails we find meaning -- like a lifeline for our people.



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